Maximum Value Recovery:

We will help you maximize your return on your IT Assets  investment by offering you the best possible residual value of your assets.

Indemnity from environmental compliance:

Lengthy reporting processes and complex compliance requirements may make retiring your old equipment a complicated matter resulting in fines, cleanup costs, and bad publicity. We help you solve this problem by providing certificates of destruction for all recycled assets.

Data Security:

Almost all of your personal/business data is stored on the hard drives. When it is time to retire your old equipment, the most important factor is the data security. We can physically destroy all the media carrying sensitive personal/business information with 100% guaranteed data destruction or we can wipe it clean for reuse through DOD complaint process as per your instructions for a small service charge.

Zero-landfill policy:

We have a zero-landfill policy. Our commitment is to recycle 100% of your materials for reuse & recycling.  All the material that can't be reused is sent to an OES approved facility for disposal in accordance with environmental regulations in place.


Mercant Canada Inc. is very proud to announce that we are now an OES (Ontario Electronic Stewardship) approved collection Site and an approved OES reuse/refurbish partner. This accreditation ensures that any WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) does not go into our country's landfills.We pledge to reuse as much of this equipment as possible and equipment that is beyond reuse is diverted to an OES approved recycler. Please visit the OES website for more information.