Recycling is an activity or process that enables the reutilization of different materials or parts of an item that has been disposed or does not fulfill the functions for which it was manufactured, in this way allowing the residuals to enter once more into the production process, to become again raw materials with added value.

Among the group of municipal waste, electronic waste is the one which has experienced the greatest growth (approximately three times more than the rest), and thus its management has become a top priority for the countries which produce it in large quantities. 

Recycling implies:

  • The recovery of non-renewable natural resources and valuable precious metals.
  • The reduction of large volume residuals, which are often buried or disposed of in the environment.
  • Energy and fuel savings to process the materials
  • Less contamination and natural resources usage in the extraction and production of raw materials.

Without question, e-waste recycling is a sustainable activity that helps reduce the amount of residuals produced by human beings and helps reenter these into the productive chain of manufacturing new products.  Merchants Canada considers recycling as the last phase of e-waste management, the first ones being the reduction of e-waste generation by a sustainable purchase of electronic equipment, to prolong their life, and its reutilization whenever it is possible.


Mercant Canada Inc. is very proud to announce that we are now an OES (Ontario Electronic Stewardship) approved collection Site r. This accreditation ensures that any Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment does not go into our country's landfills. Please visit the OES website for more information.