Reuse adds value

Manufacturing new products drains our natural resources, and disposing of unwanted materials pollutes our environment, our communities face difficulties getting the affordable goods they need. 

One way to prevent waste and improve our communities is to take useful computers discarded by those who no longer want or need them and provide them to those who do.  

Every community has some existing form of reuse and, every community needs more reuse now.


Reusing a computer means that it continues to be a valuable, useful, & productive equipment. Businesses can save significant dollars in disposal by reselling or donating computers that are no longer needed.


In addition to making a positive contribution to the reduction of computer waste, many reuse programs in a community are operated as a means of providing items to low-income or disadvantage people. Donating your old computers can also help non-profit organizations and schools with needed computers supporting the community in which you live.  


Mercant Canada Inc. is very proud to announce that we are now an OES (Ontario Electronic Stewardship) approved collection Site and an approved OES reuse/refurbish partner. This accreditation ensures that any WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) does not go into our country's landfills.We pledge to reuse as much of this equipment as possible and equipment that is beyond reuse is diverted to an OES approved recycler. Please visit the OES website for more information.